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LS in a 52 Cadillac

Dear Welder Series…
I finally received the engine mounts for LS engine. Delayed a fair bit by Canada Post [due to strike. Workers are back to work now].
After quite a few tries, managed to locate engine where I wanted. Tack welded engine top plate, then made plywood template for vertical rib. Nothing is straightforward on this 52 Cadillac.
Both mounts now permanently installed. I’ll be painting them once everything else is complete. Got steering, brakes, exhaust still to figure out.

April 2018 Photo Sharing

Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures of how Welder Series products are being used on your projects through the month of April. Hopefully these will spark an idea that you can use on your own project! See below the gallery for links to products shown. The winner (chosen at random by has been notified and a $50 credit has been applied!

Submit your own pictures here.

1956 International Pickup Mustang II

Grant Schwartz stopped in the other day to pick up a Mustang II crossmember, and I think he had it installed quicker than my kids can go through a jar of Elmira maple syrup.

Here are some pictures he took. To see more of Grant’s work, please visit and follow his Facebook page:

Parts Used:


Sway bar used on Corvette IFS in 1942 Chevy pickup

Here are some pictures of the installation of a universal sway bar on a 1942 Chevy pickup. I installed it to the rear of the a arm because it gave me much more room. It was going to be very close to and possibly hitting on the tie rods for the rack and pinion steering. I was very pleased with the sway bar and the installation. I will and have recommended your products. Thanks so much,

1934 Plymouth Mustang II Installed

I recently made the front clip for my project (1934 Plymouth 2 door sedan). It was a pleasure using your Mustang II crossmember kit! My job was easy because the rails are level, square and plumb but the directions were a great help and easy to follow. Thanks for a great product!


You can also see how Jeff made a mock-up coil over using a tube with two tubes welded on the ends. This is always a good thing to have around to keep your car at ride height during the build. Remember, you use the coil over spring to support the car at the designed ride height.

Do you have some Welder Series parts on your car? Please consider sharing them; it’s always helpful to see other people’s work.

Thanks for using our parts, Jeff. Enjoy your Plymouth!


Photo Sharing: 46 Hudson pickup

Alan used our triangulated four link, transmission mount pieces, and engine mount kits. Thanks for the pictures, and great work!

Thought I would share these pictures of a 1946 Hudson Pick up. I installed the diagonal 4 link, 5.3 With a 4L60 transmission and a Mustang coil over front suspension. I used your diagonal four link, engine mounts and transmission mount. Your products are awesome.

Custom 8-3/4 Dodge rear end Panhard bracket

John was in to the shop the other day and asked if we had a bracket for his 8-3/4 Dodge rear end to mount the Panhard bar. We don’t have one specifically for it, and after going over some pictures he had, we brainstormed and came up with something like this:

He used two Versatabs to mount the bar and formed a plate to box them in and to hold the bolts.

Thanks for sending the pics, John!

Small Block Ford in an MGB

Grant Schwartz has sent in some pictures of his 302 installation into a 1974 MGB. He modified the 3/8″ engine block plate and welded a section straight down from the mounting holes.

Parts used:

Sway Bar Mounted on a Motorcycle

Let me explain.

Nevermind, let the pictures explain. When we say it’s a universal sway bar kit, Daniel took us up on that claim.

Dear Daniel…
Daniel, I’m guessing you spent at least an hour or more figuring all this out! I don’t know anything about bikes, but this is very impressive. Thanks for the pics, and for using Welder Series parts.

1951 Chevy Pickup Mustang II Install Pics

Mark just sent us a few pictures of his Welder Series MII installed in his ’51 Chevy truck. Nice job Mark!

He used our coil over kit, which is a little bit less expensive than the coil spring crossmember kit. The coil overs will cost more up front, but will be easier to fine-tune the ride due to the availability of shock damping and a wider range of spring rates.

Mark has been added to our monthly draw to receive a $50 credit on his account here. We draw a random name from those who send in pictures of our parts being used on their car. Please send pictures to


Low West tie rod end mount installation

Low West Hot Rods sent us some pictures of a neat installation of our tie rod end mount kit, and I thought I should share them!

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