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’32 Update: More On Wiring (complicated minimalist theme prevails) (article 29)

More on Wiring

I have a few wires to run from the hole in the firewall/ kick panel to the headlights, and to keep the “complicated minimalist” theme going, I decided to do this:

I got some of Kugel’s stainless line clamps.  They come with stainless hardware too, which is a great thing.  Keep reading… the wiring part is coming up.

I trimmed the ends off two clamps and welded them together on the inside so you can’t see the weld.  If you’re wondering why there are only two hoses, I’ll explain that in another article.  I’ve run the heater hoses in a different place.

OK, this is where this article fits into the wiring category. I was going to attach the a/c hose clamps at the top and bottom like in the last picture. Then I started to not like the hole on the bottom and tried to think of a way not to use it. I knew I still wanted to do something to cover the wires going to the headlights, so this seemed like a good line to follow.  The stainless line that’s now welded to the clamp will hold the wires, as well as the bottom portion of the clamp. By welding a mounting tab to the tube (pointing up), I will be able to attach the tube assembly to the frame rail, and the hoses will hide the bolt head.

You can see the tab in between the clamps. Now that I’m looking at this, I’m going to change a few things. I’m serious – this was completely spontaneous. I was going to run the transmission cooler along these clamps too, but I think I can clean it up a bit still.

So, to clean up the tube that carries the four headlight wires and the two A/C hoses to the front – along the frame rail, here’s what I came up with.

I had the headlight wires along the bottom of the a/c hose brackets, but when I thought of running the trans cooler lines along the same way, everything was getting too wrapped up. So I cut the wiring tube off the bottom, moved it to the top, and bent a trans cooler line for the bottom. The cooler return line will weld to the Kugel brackets right beside the bottom line.

To mount this unit, I’ll weld a stainless tab across the two tubes and bolt to the frame rail through that tab.  That way, the a/c hoses will cover the bolt heads.

’32 Update: Transmission Cooler Lines (article 30)

Transmission Cooler Lines

The next addition to the a/c line clamp/ trans cooler lines/ wire cover is making a transmission cooler return line.  Instead of using tube nuts and sleeves on the trans end of the tubes, I got stainless -6AN fittings, cut them in half, counter bored them for 3/8″ line, and welded them on.  Here’s how they turned out:

The tabs going from the top tube to the bottom tube with the hole in them are actually lengths of the stainless tubing hammered flat.  The next big challenge is snaking the hoses through the clamps.  I still have to fine tune the radiator ends and install tube nuts.