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Syracuse 2017

The shop will be closed from Thursday till Monday while we’re at the Syracuse Nationals. We don’t have a booth again this year, but I’ll be around the Tucci Hot Rods booth if you’d like to talk with me.

If you’re on Instagram and Facebook and going to Syracuse, you’ll want to make sure you’re following us (just search for welderseries) because I’ll be posting throughout the weekend, and playing a little interactive game with prizes!

Thanks for your support. We’re looking forward to enjoying the weekend. Say hi if you see me!

DW Horton

Louisville 2016

The shop will be closed from Wednesday – Tuesday while the whole staff is attending the Street Rod Nationals PLUS in Louisville KY. Paul and Dorothy are driving the ’40 down, and I’m driving the ’32. If you see me in the 32, reach in and grab a shop rag!

We will still be checking emails and voicemails while we’re away. If you’re on Facebook, please follow us – I’ll be posting pictures and maybe even doing some live videos during the show.

Hope to see you there!


I’m getting ready to leave for the Syracuse Nationals Wednesday morning, and Paul & Dorothy are heading down on Thursday. That being said, if you call the shop and someone answers, please keep them on the line while simultaneously calling the RCMP, eh.

I’ll have our new shop rags, catalogs, and coloring pages in the ’32 which will be parked beside the Tucci Hot Rods tent, right in front of the main vendor building. There is a coupon in your event program which will get you a free rag!

See you at the show?!

Update: We had a great weekend! All the rags were given away, starting first thing Friday morning. You can check out the Welder Series Facebook page for pictures.

Louisville 2015, Day 1 and all the other days

Note: Sorry, but this is going to be “Louisville Pics, Days: First to Last”. I don’t have time to separate them into individual days, and really, whether a picture of a car was taken on Friday or Saturday, doesn’t make too much of a difference in your life. Enjoy!

Day 1 being Tuesday Aug. 4th.

I left home after a late lunch and decided to cross the border at Port Huron instead of Detroit. A pretty uneventful drive for the most part. It still excites me to think that I can be so far away in only a few short hours. Only a couple generations of humans have been able to travel the way we have… and I choose to do it in a loud, tiny car.

As it began to get dark, I started thinking about finding a hotel. By about 10:00, I still hadn’t decided and the miles clicked on. I don’t mind driving at night, but the thought of heading down I-71 through northern Kentucky in the dark wasn’t high on my priority list. I kept saying to myself “I’ll just get through Dayton” and then “I’ll just get through Cincinnati” and even when I did stop for a room, my GPS led me right back on the highway and told me to turn right on the on-ramp. I figured that was a good enough sign for me, so I pointed south and put the hammer down. Until the traffic jam in Cincinnati.

Syracuse Nationals

We’ll be heading to the Syracuse Nationals next weekend (July 17/18/19) which is always a good time. For a couple of years we didn’t have vendor space, but this year we decided to get 20′ outside, right in the thick of things in the same aisle as Tucci Hot Rods. The Welder Series ’32 will be there, along with the ’40 sedan. We’ll have some display parts in the “booth” but it’s mainly going to be a home base so that we can meet people there and still enjoy walking around the show.

You’ll also want to keep checking in to the official door prize booth because we’re giving away a couple sway bar kits and a few gift certificates again this year! There will also be a way to snag a free Welder Series T shirt, before they’re gone.

DW Horton

Where We’re Headed (this summer) (not a philosophical post)

No, where are you headed, man?

Once again, we’re going to Syracuse and Louisville this year (with a smattering of other spur of the moment destinations in between). Yup, we’re pretty predictable.

Syracuse is always a bunch of fun… lots of things to do for the whole family, live music through the day, great tech seminars and lots more. Here’s the link for the show if you’re on the fence:

We really enjoy Louisville too, and this year shouldn’t be any different. I’ve been riding a little BMX bike at the Hot Rod Industry BMX Challenge that Tim and Carrie Strange put on every year… what a blast! Here’s the link to the Louisville show: You’ll have to scroll over to get to the info for the show. Here are some pictures from BMX Challenges past:

Syracuse: July 19-21
Louisville: August 1-4

Also, Paul and Dorothy will be driving the ’40 this year and I’ll take the ’32! The ’40 has been on the road since 1988, but has been parked since 2005.

Hope to see you there!