Welder Series is a three person family business focused on serving our customers with consistently high quality parts, exceptional service and support, and reasonable prices.

About Welder Series

An enjoyable part of my work at Horton Street Rod Products was helping builders solve “special” problems with parts that were readily available, often from kits that were in stock. In order to make those parts easier to identify, the name “Welder Series” was used – they are a “series” of parts cataloged primarily for “welders”.
Welder Series was originally going to be another product line sold through Horton’s, but that changed when Paul Barber came to me in early 2005 with an offer to buy the street rod products end of the company. He wanted to sell the Welder Series parts and Horton kits, but didn’t want to manufacture them. I had the drawings and enjoyed the design part of the business, so we split the company. (Paul Barber’s offer also let me keep my machinery and shop to do “R&D” work.)

Welder Series stayed in the same building that had housed Horton Street Rod Products since 1994 – in the same town that had been home to the company since 1978. Paul Barber’s new company is called Horton Hot Rod Parts to indicate the broader product range he would offer. It is now in Milton, Ontario, about 20 minutes west of Toronto.

The Welder Series product line has really been in development since 1960, when I started building street rods in my parents’ back yard. Many Welder Series’ parts and kits were being made and sold by Horton Street Rod Products since the beginning of the company in 1978. Welder Series just lets builders do their own welding.

There are lots of talented builders out there, both professional and hobbyists. Anyone who has built a hot rod knows it takes a lot of time to design and build clean looking, functional parts.

Welder Series supplies professional quality kits and parts, both welded and ready-to-weld, to save you time and money.

Two slogans have been part of Dorothy and Paul Horton’s business and personal lives, and will continue with Welder Series: “K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple and Safe)”, and “We want to help you enjoy building your project.”

About Our Kits

Ready To Weld: As labor is usually a large part of the cost of any project, the more labor you can provide yourself, the less dollars the project will cost. The unique idea behind Welder Series ready-to-weld kits is that if you can weld, you can make professional quality kits using our parts. Everything comes in the box except the welding. Assembly sheets show and tell how the kit components go together and installation sheets show how to position the part in your project.

Welded: Our parts are also available completely welded. DW Horton welds parts in-house, to maintain high quality standards. Every Welder Series kit is welded by the same person…

About Our Parts

All of the parts used in our kits (and even more handy bits and pieces) can be ordered individually. Pick the components you need to make your own custom parts. Components are CAD designed and CNC machined. These are professional parts to help you build a quality hot rod for less money.