Mustang II Cut Diagrams

One of the features of a Welder Series Mustang II crossmember is the ability to set your own ride height – you’re not limited to how someone else sees your car going down the road. Over the years, however, we’ve been asked to provide cut lines for some popular installations. When we release a new set of dimensions, it will be added here.

If you’d like us to help you lay out cut lines for your frame (and help others with the same vehicle), please download and fill in the following document: Frame Dimension Tech Sheet

1948-’52 Ford F-1 pickup

1941-’48 Ford car

1952 International L110

1937 Ford car 1
1937 Ford car 2
1937 Ford car 3

1937-’39 Chev car

1962 Studebaker Lark wagon, 4×2 frame

1929 Essex