Thanks for your business. Every customer is different. You’re different from the next customer. That’s why they’re called customers. There is no formula, no equation that will work with all of you. It takes a different approach to everyone to determine how best to serve anyone. Some people need videos, some people need descriptions. Some people need us to weld it together. Our approach has been, and will always be, to serve each of you where you are and to treat you the same way we would like to be treated.

We officially opened the doors to Welder Series in 2005.  That doesn’t sound like very long, because the product line has been percolating for over 30. Paul Horton began developing and building many of the parts we still manufacture when I wasn’t yet a twinkle in Paul’s wife’s eye. Thanks very much for your business and support over the years.

The future looks great, but there are some things that we won’t be changing. When you buy parts from Welder Series, that’s what you get. Parts. We don’t use fancy boxes, custom printed packing tape, or glossy catalogs. Our reported damaged box claims are quite less than half a percent of parcels shipped. Our ~60 page catalog will continue to be printed in-house so you get an up-to-date copy. Actually, I should have said copies… we send three catalogs with every order (most people request more than one when they order, so they can give one or two to friends) – here’s a true story: a customer of ours is a police officer, and had his daily driver broken into. The thief stole the standard items – cash, camera, wallet, Welder Series catalog. I’m not making this up – we had to send him another catalog because his had been stolen! Anyway, we try our best to keep expenses down because we know that will help you keep your expenses down.

Thanks again
Paul, Dorothy, and DW Horton (yes, that’s all of us)
Welder Series Inc.

“Welder Series’ components help me meet the needs of my customers, both pro and do-it-yourselfer. It’s a great alternative to assembled products for the customer who wants to fabricate his own part. Hands-on builders recognize the quality and value.”
Paul Barber, owner of Horton Hot Rod Parts in Milton, Ontario, a major dealer in the huge metropolitan Toronto area.

“Lowdown uses Welder Series parts because we often have to custom fit kits to our chassis anyway. Their parts let us do the adjusting when it’s easier – before the kit is all welded. We also like being able to buy Welder Series time-saving brackets.”
Tom Vandergeld, Lowdown Hot Rods

“Note DW and Paul Horton at Welder Series http://welderseries.com/ absolutely rock and were quick, prompt, by far the best communication I’ve had with an online vendor in a LONG LONG TIME… (Sorry but their response time was bar none awesome).
Very rarely do you find the level of dedication to a customer, communication, and a rewarding experience for both the buyer and supplier. I bought a pedal assembly a bit ago, and that experience automatically ensured that I will source Welder Series before I search for another vendor. Paul and DW have it together and will make a solution to your problem… and probably at the best price around to boot.”
Mike in Green Bay, WI.  Follow Mike’s ’47 Ford 1.5 Ton pickup build on the H.A.M.B: click here.

“Wow: What a good company to do do business with. Good communication and shipping plus great catalog. Thanks.”
roundvalley via www.jalopyjournal.com

“Top shelf company, you wont find a nicer company to order from. Awesome prices great products super catalog, I’ll be ordering from these guys again
thanks steve (gearsforguts)”
gearsforguts via www.jalopyjournal.com

“I have purchased a few of the products that Welder series offers and been pleased each time. The products are as advertised and they ship in a timely manner.

I am also impressed with their customer service. I asked them if they had a brake pedal kit (mount, pivot, pedal, bushings, etc) for a right hand drive application. They did not have a kit per se but were able to put together pieces from their catalog to make one I could modify the Master Cylinder mount to make it face the other way (I had to cut the top off and weld it back on facing the other way, cheaper than ordering a one off part, and I don’t have a way to bend metal that thick, everything else fit up as intended). It worked as they described. I however did use a different pedal and MC assembly (I hadn’t left myself enough room ), but I still have this one, and I’m scheming on what to put it in .”
Erik in Anchorage, AK

“I had a good experience with this company too. My part was very reasonable, and shipped to me quickly. There was good communication too, which I definitely appreciate when doing deals over the net. Will definitely do business with again.”
Jeff in Mosinee, WI

“I just finished installing a Welder Series rear sway bar kit over the weekend. My all-steel ’35 sedan handled in the traditional “scrape off the running boards” way….even with a front sway bar. The kit went together nicely, everything fit perfectly and now the car goes around a corner 100% better….no more extreme lean.
DW was a huge help in putting together a little bit different kit for me since I am using a tubular rear crossmember and also made some suggestions that really helped in the fabrication. You can depend on these guys….they are “for real” hot rod guys that offer really cool products. I’ll post a picture or two when I get the chance to put the car on a hoist for a better photo op.
Thanks DW & crew.”
Retrorod via www.jalopyjournal.com

“Great to do biz with, got a complete 4 bar set up for my A to install my 8″ rear axle, all of it looks 1st class..cant wait to get into mounting it.. DW Horton was a great help and set me in the right direction. I will add them to my list of vendors to continue to do business with.”
Randy in MI

“Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that my ’35 sedan with one of your rear sway bar kits installed just completed over 5000 miles of great fun and adventure on Route 66. The sway bar made the return trip over the Rockies a real fun part of the trip, the car handled like a go-kart!!!

Thanks for putting a product out and backing it up with tech help and assistance when needed. You guys helped me work out a couple mount problems and it came out perfect…..and after a 5000 mile trip it’s still perfect.

Good job…thanks!!”

Retrorod via www.jalopyjournal.com

“Parts were perfect, thanks a lot. My current project, a ’51 F1, is damn near done, but up next is a ’33 Chevy 5-window coupe, I think I’m going to use your suspension components for a Ford-style transverse leaf in the front, and a triangulated rear setup with coilovers. You guys are building some very nice stuff and making a name for yourselves.”
Gary in MT

“Yes every thing arrived in good condition and in a timely matter, I’m very pleased with my order,and your customer service, I was having some problems understanding the directions, then I realized my mustang frame has no rake and is even dimensions top , bottom, side to side is the same, I was trying to make it much harder then it should be, I will recommend your products to my friends”
Vern in MI

“I would like to thank DW for answering my questions about the Triangulated 4-Link kit. He was very friendly and knowledgeable. I also would like to comment on the assembly tips, drawing and YouTube video’s. Combined with the excellent customer service, they are what encouraged me to continue with my purchase. It was really helpful in seeing the quality of the product while it was physically being assembled.”
Dave in CA

“I’m impressed with the entire line. AND the option of being able to buy pieces and weld it yourself!
Pieces are beautifully cut & finished, front crossmember is a simplified engineering marvel.
I’ll be ordering a couple of boxes full of these beautifully cut brackets for my new project.
Thanks, Horton’s!”
Mike in CA
I’ve received my order today,  again, everything is perfect!
I’m very proud to encourage a CANADIAN hot rod company, you guys are making very nice and accurate products!
Thank you very much, merry Xmas and happy new year!”
Pat in Quebec
“I’ve used their M II kit on the front of my ’51 Dodge 1/2 ton. Went in exactly as they said it would, allowed me to set ride height, vehicle rake where I wanted. Some precise measuring and cutting needed but nothing difficult. Good instructions came with. I talked with owner and son before purcashing to verify which of the 3 kits would fit my application. knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with. Cost effective, trading my time welding and finishing for premade, precut more expensive units from other suppliers. Planning on using their triangulated 4 bar kit on the rear of same truck.”
Dave72dt via www.webrodder.com

“Quick email reply and answered my questions within one day. Great company and love the products.”
Wheelie via www.jalopyjournal.com

“I ordered the mustang II crossmember kit from Welder Series. It was top notch and went together in under an hour. I haven’t put it in the car yet, but I’m sure it will be no problem. There were two catalogs in the box; I passed one on to Tinbender who ended up buying a bunch of stuff that looks really nice. He passed his extra catalog on to someone else. Thanks again for the nice stuff, we’re trying to spread your name around.”
wayfarer via www.jalopyjournal.com

“Paul is great to deal with, prices are good, top quality materials and workmanship, and fast delivery! I will order from him again as I progress with my project!”
Buzzard II via www.jalopyjournal.com

“Just received my 4 link rear kit. 2 things to mention.
1.Very timely deliver. 5 days to Ramona.
2. Incredible attention to detail.
Received 3 catalogs in box. They are already spoken for.

Thanks a Million.”
SOCAL PETE via www.jalopyjournal.com

“Just received my first order.. A+ they promptly refunded my HAMB discount to my PayPal account plus informed me that i over payed them and refunded that money plus the shipping.”
drflex via www.jalopyjournal.com

I had heard from other HAMBER’s on how great WS was and couldn’t wait to ORDER something..!!! Well I ordered my rear shock mounts and all I can say is..I WILL NEVER buy anything from anyone on EVILBAY again after getting these babies in the mail.MAN are they SWEET…no extra grinding..no finishing…NOTHING…welding them on this weekend..MAN..Cant wait to order MORE..THANKS WS..!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
lowongas via www.jalopyjournal.com

“Paul, I received the parts, they look great! I will definitely be ordering from you again for other projects I have in the works. Thank You”
Travis in NV

“Just wanted to say what great customer service you provide. I have ordered twice from you in the last month and got my items VERY quickly. Great products too…..Thank You for your professionalism. Jerry….p.s. will be doing more business with you in the future.”

Good Morning!
I received my order in good condition on Thursday 18 Aug 16. It was opened and inspected today (19 Aug) and I discovered 3 (!) catalogs with a date of 14 Jun 16. 1st reaction was: “Well now! Wonder what’s up with this??”  Reading the information gave the answer; One copy will go in a binder of some sort and the others will go to friends. Thank you.
I placed an order for a couple small pieces that looked good to finish an engine swap in my IHC S-120 4×4 pickup: I needed to adapt a Speedway 8” drop engine swap crossmember for use as a transmission mount  instead. The tranny mount and the reinforcement tabs I received look like they will be more than adequate for this. I’ll know more by Wednesday 24 Aug 16; if I have issues, I’ll let you know.
I appreciate that you have the various pieces of your kits pictured within the catalog. One of the issues with the above mentioned pickup, is that the power steering that was added by a previous owner can’t be added easily to the Chevy 250-6 (that’s going in) without a rather expensive aftermarket  NOS bracket, and then I’d need to tweak that to suit. The PO made a pretty good bracket to mount the steering pump to the right side of the original IHC engine, and to move it to the other side of the Chevy engine with the NOS bracket would involve considerable work.  Having the kit bits pictured in very nearly actual size has made it possible to match several of the frame bracket bits to the available accessory mounts on the front right of the Chevy engine.   I hadn’t expected the boon of having pictures to match to the necessary accessory bolt holes, but I thank you for the forethought to include pictures in your catalog!!  Treat others as you would like to be treated, indeed!
My guess is, at some point one of you said, probably in passing, “It sure would’ve been nice to have a picture of this piece before I bought it! Now I have to either eat this or send it back! Man! What a hassle!” And one thing led to another…
I thank you very much indeed for the pieces I have; more are likely to be ordered as I find things, that need your kit bits to fix, on the old Binder.”
Mike in MT

The brackets you made for me are perfect! Beautifully constructed! Thank You so much for taking the time to help me with this problem. I feel good about having a bracket that fits the axle diameter properly. Once again, you have been a great help!
Thank You, Bill

“Just writing to say what amazing service and fantastic products you have.

I am in Adelaide, South Australia, I ordered a pair of engine mounts for a 5.4L boss motor so that I can mount the engine in my 1951 Ford F1.
I ordered the parts on the second of september and they arrived at my door  a week later. That is phenomenal service. It normally takes over a week for me to receive something from the other side of Australia let alone the other side of the world.
The parts look fantastic, they were well packed and completely undamaged.
thank you for the magnificent service and products!
kind regards”
Adelaide, South Australia.


  1. Car Crazy says:

    We ordered the step notch kit for a 54 Chevy coupe that we were doing a complete air-bag suspension on. Very impressed with the quality of the materials and quality of craftsmanship. The edges of the pieces were as smooth as glass and fit together perfectly. We will definitely be using Welder Series products for future builds! – Car Crazy Auto, Carlsbad CA

  2. Jerry Kay says:

    Throughout the years, we’ve seen a number of street rod aftermarket companies come and go, but at the same time we’ve also seen giants in the street rod community simply grow and grow. Welder Series continues to be a force in the well-being of our hobby providing cutting-edge parts. It’s safe to say that without them, our hobby would not be what it has become and we have Welder Series to thank for being a major part of that!

  3. Stephen Shearer says:

    Excited for my first order of steering rod assemblies, that I ordered thru Dave Tucci. Am going to order rear C notch fillers too. Hopefully first of many orders. Wished you had a catalog.

    S. Shearer

  4. Rob Small says:

    Just wanted to say how impressed I am with the quality of craftsmanship in the coyote swap engine perches I purchased. The welds were top notch, the shipping did not take long, even all the way to Florida, and the price was very reasonable. Will be buying more from this outfit – Bravo!

  5. Albert Dibelka says:

    I just finished the installation of a Mustang II crossmember from Welder Series in a 64 Ford Falcon and the workmanship in the crossmember fabrication and precision welding was spectacular. The instructions took a couple of concentrated readings, over a beverage of choice, but finally I got it and it all went smooth. One point that I really appreciated was how the ride height was so clearly marked on the crossmember and that made it easy for me to locate the vertical placement. I liked how easy it was to center the crossmember. With the lower control arms at right height, next I’ll locate the upper control arm mounts and the coil-over top mounts. Welder Series is without a doubt a valuable resource for any car builder or fabricator. I asked more than a few questions by email and got a response faster than expected, with clear explanations and where they did not have the parts I needed they referred me without hesitation. If you’re looking for any mechanical component for a stock or custom car, you can’t so better than Welder Series.

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