Dear Welder Series… exhaust grommets

Dear Welder Series…
Good morning!  I have a question regarding the ‘snapper’ exhaust grommets – what are the temperature ratings for each of the standard and high temp?  Or, better yet what has your experience been with which ones are required at what part of the system?  I need 4, the closest one to the headers would be ~ 3-1/2 ft back from them, the next at the mufflers.

Thanks for your help,


Dear Tony…
Hi Tony, thanks for looking at our parts.

I haven’t done any objective testing of the grommets (with a heat gun and digital thermometer) but I’ve had them on my ’32 and my Dodge shop truck for years. I think I’m using the high temp ones. There are lots of variables to account for – some engines run hotter than other similar engines, airflow under the car can affect the temperature, etc. For the difference in price, I would just get the high temp ones personally.
Thanks again,
DW Horton
Welder Series Inc.

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