Category: Steering

’32 Update: Steering Box Install (article 7, archived)

Basically, we just installed the Pitman arm, moved the box forward and backward until the drag link was parallel with the tie rod, then moved it up until the top of the upper tab was about flush with the top of the rail.

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’32 Update: Installing the Steering Column (article 12, archived)

We wanted the column to come out at the same line as the center of the steering wheel, which is also where we put the wiper. That way, everything will be in line. The only people that will probably notice it are those who are watching this buildup, but it'll still be ambiguously appealing.

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’32 Update: Steering Linkage (article 15, archived)

I was hoping to use only two u-joints for this car, but after mocking it up and finding that the shaft is too close to the header, it'll have to be three.

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