Tachmen Car Club Leaves in Style

Tachmen Car Club Leaves in Style

By Donald Kee

Tachmen Car Club 40 year Member

After 47 years of a productive existence in the “anything automotive” world, the Tachmen Car Club of Georgetown Ontario has decided to cease operations. Formed in 1964 by a group of young automotive enthusiasts, the Tachmen achieved widespread notoriety as an active club that was involved in as many activities as possible. From drag racing to street rods, the Club participated with enthusiasm and always backed their membership wholeheartedly.

Coming from a small town, the members also supported the community. The Tachmen were always a group that could be depended upon to provide local team sponsorship or lend a hand when a group presence was required for a large function.

This dependability and respect caught the eye of show promoter Dizzy Dean Murray and the union of Motion Auto Shows and the Tachmen Car Club was born. Their alliance lasted for ten years. During this time, the members broadened their connections with many other Car Clubs, businesses and individuals.

Time however, does have a way of catching up with us all. When our clubhouse which had acted as garage, meeting place and sometime home since 1966 was lost to the inevitable spread of development, it was decided the time was right to call it quits.

But this is not where our story ends. Since all car guys know that any great project is never really finished but only ready to take on another form, the executive board of the Tachmen Car Club decided to do the same. Owing to the hard work of the membership and the effective financial management of our treasurers, John Pontarini (present) and Brian Henry, we had managed to amass a reasonably tidy sum of cash. The board of directors agreed unanimously that although the Club was first formed in Brampton we had operated in Georgetown since 1966 and so it would be fitting to give to that community.

On November 10, 2011 the Board of Directors of the Tachmen Car Club presented the Georgetown Hospital with a cheque for the amount of $50,000.00. It is hoped that this legacy will ensure that the Tachmen Car Club will always be remembered.

Front Row
Larry Cox, Don McQueen, Paul Armstrong (Hospital Board of Directors), Shelley Phipps (Hospital Board of Directors), John Lewis (Hospital Development), Ken Rockwell, John Pontarini.

Back Row
Richard MacArthur, Jim MacArthur, Dieter Bauer, Glenn Sterritt, Donald Kee


  1. Bev says:

    Oh my what a lot of memories to see some of the original members after all these years. My ex husband Doug MacFarlane was also a member way back when. Jim MacArthur good to see you and the rest of the members. Take care.

  2. Steve says:

    Many thanks to the Tachmen for your donation. As a teen I lived in Bramalea and used to see you guys cruising around. Both my father and my step-father spent their final days at Georgetown Hospital where they received the best care and grace available. You guys are a class act!

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