Dear Welder Series… Custom frame dimensions for Mustang II

Dear Welder Series…

I got a Mustang II front cross member from you earlier this week, 62.5″ wide, where my spindle centers are between my sub frame and car frame, its a uni body car with a front and rear sub frames, want to mount it to the sub frame I’m making, bottom of sub frame and cross member will be the same height to their bottoms but cross member is kind of floating now, yea thats where I’m at. Any ideas or suggestions for my messed up build?

Dear Steve…

Hi, Steve.
The easiest way to make a custom subframe is by having the bottom of the subframe tube the same distance from ground zero as the spindle, and use stock spindles. If you want to use 2” dropped spindles, the easy way is to have the bottom of the subframe 2” lower than spindle height from ground zero.
There is room for small variations in these frame heights, but the clearance issues become more difficult.
The outside width of the subframe for a 62-1/2” crossmember should be more than 32” and not more than 36”. The upper towers won’t have a surface to weld to if the frame is less than 32”. There will probably be spring clearance problems if the outside is more than 36”.
I hope this helps. If it isn’t clear, please email pictures and sketches of what you have and would like to do.
Paul Horton

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