Over the decades, we’ve been fortunate to move from “business contact” to “friend” in a number of cases. Here’s a list of people/ businesses we are happy to endorse. These aren’t just “yeah, they’re alright, I think… I’ve heard they make an ok widget”. These are more like “Hey widget-maker, I need to run out for half an hour. Would you watch my kids please?”

I think you understand.

Lowdown Hotrods (Tom & Linda VanDerGeld & crew) Premier hot rod builders, and friends of the family since Tom and Linda both worked for Paul Horton Street Rod Parts back in the 90’s. I started TIG welding under Tom’s leadership and with a lot of his help.
www.myrideisme.com (Craig Pike) Extensive show coverage, blogger, online profile for your car.
NotStock Photography (John Jackson) Widely considered one of the top automotive photographers in the industry.
Problem Child Kustoms (Brian Stupski) Widely considered one of the top hot rod designers in the industry. Brian has designed the majority of our ads, logos, and is a creative force for good in the universe.
Schwartz Inc. (Grant Schwartz) Premier hot rod/ motorcycle/ etc. builder. You’ll notice a lot of blog posts mention Grant. He keeps a bunch of Welder Series parts at his shop and always finds creative ways to use them.
Strange Motion (Tim & Carrie Strange) Premier hot rod builders.
Tucci Hot Rods (Dave, Jill, and Dom Tucci) Premier hot rod builders.
Webber Chassis (Garth Webb) Premier hot rod builder. Garth stops in about every day and knows our shelves of brackets almost as well as we do! He also “gets” the Welder Series concept and I’ll often find him staring at a tab or bracket, flipping it around saying “yeah, that’ll work!”

Canadian Street Rodding Hall of Fame