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’32 Update: wiper blades, and some misc. (article 51)

To trim the blade for a chopped windshield, we had to set up the arm length and the blade length properly to get the maximum windshield “clearage”.

It will need to be marked at the outside and inside of the blade to make sure you’re not interfering with the windshield frame.

As an aside, I did a little experimenting with a 3/8″ stainless tube, a mill, and a wiper blade.  I like how it turned out, but more work would be required to hook it up to an arm, as well as finishing off the ends.  I think it has some potential though!

We used Specialty Power Window’s wiper arms and blades for flat glass.  They are easy to trim, pretty stable (they don’t flop around a lot), and nicely finished.

A few articles ago, I talked about why I had to trim the front edge off the air ducts.

They are pretty tight, but with the ducts trimmed, as well as the outlet duct trimmed, airflow is great!

For the defrost vents, my original plan was to run a bolt through the vent, the dash, and the plastic piece that the hose hooks up to, which had flat spots at the same width as the vent mounting holes.  Upon further inspection, it was discovered that the plastic ducts (which go under the dash) wouldn’t fit tight against the slots.  I ended up trimming them, but I trimmed so much that there were no longer any mounting tabs.  Vette panel adhesive to the rescue!  I made a ridge along the edge of the duct where it would meet the dash, then carefully maneuvered it into place.  I used a toothpick to smooth out the goop from the top.  I used a few blade inserts to attach the vent from above instead of trying to get a nut on under the dash.

If you’re trying to plan ahead and want to trim the defrost slots in your dash, make sure to account for the thickness of the glass.  Of course I did!

Just a miscellaneous shot of the underdash.  That’s the wiper gear/motor mounted to the column support.

Here is the aired out parking lot profile.

’32 Update: Miscellaneous Stuff (article 33)

Some Miscellaneous Stuff

Here are a few random shots of what I’ve been up to lately. They don’t each require a separate posting, so I’ll just throw them all in here.

I made up these little spacers for the wiper posts, then painted them black.


Here you can see my heater lines. I decided not to run #10 heater hose just because of the size of the car. A #10 hose has a 1/2″ i.d., so by running 3/8″ hard line, I’m not losing all that much flow. I’m using the head as one connection, and the water pump for the other. The hose clamp on the hose going to the water pump will be replaced and eventually will look like the one just below it. Remember to flare the end of the hard line so it’s tight in the hose. I’m also trying to figure out where to run the spark plug wires.


I made up two 3/8″ double clamps to hold the e-brake cables to the floor and keep them out of the way of the driveshaft.


Here you can see the Specialty Power Windows wiper motor that’s mounted to the steering column mounting plate.



I couldn’t exactly hide the A/C drain behind the upholstery (because what you see is the “upholstery”), so I had to come up with another way. I decided to use the leftover trunk weatherstrip I had. It’s hollow, flexible, and has an adhesive back. It’s not stuck to the firewall yet, but when I’m ready I can just peel off a few small sections of backing and hold it in place. It drains out a hole under the toe board area.


And here’s where we are, pretty much up to date. [wow, look how shiny it was!]