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Questions we’ve been asked about brakes/pedals/brackets.

Dear Welder Series… brake pedal/clutch for Model A?

Dear Welder Series…
Hey there,
I’m looking to order a pedal assembly but I’m having a hard time finding what I need.  I’m looking for a ready to weld brake pedal/master cylinder kit that includes the clutch pedal that works with a Model A frame.  I remember seeing it on your site some time ago but now I can’t find it.  If you can send me a link or give me some information it would be much appreciated!  Also a price & shipping to Sask would be great.

Thanks guys,

Dear Nathan…
There are a couple of ways to do this with Welder Series kits, Nathan. Because the frame is narrow, it’s not easy to have room for the pedals, exhaust, and transmission (and linkage), so we use the kits that move the master a little farther from the frame rail than the Model ‘A’ kit.  Look at the options menu and the pictures. One is at

Another way is by moving the master cylinder back from the pedals. Again, see the options and the pictures at

Lowdown Hotrods mounted the bracket behind a Welder Series transmission mount crossmember, as shown in the thumbnail picture at

Pricing is at each product in the store when you choose from the options menu. Freight is at Shipping prices are as follows: 10% of the order, minimum $15, maximum $60. We use UPS or Canada Post for Canadian shipments.

Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.

Paul Horton

Dear Welder Series…
Thanks for the speedy reply on this!

I think the first link in your reply would be best suited for my needs. It says it’s for a 32 but I think I could make that work. Question though, how does a guy typically mount it to the frame rail? Is it just meant to be butt welded on? Just having trouble visualizing this. Maybe if you had a couple pictures that would help.

Dear Nathan…
The bracket would weld to a boxed section of frame rail.  It would be best to have the body on the frame so you can determine where the pedal will come through the angled toe-board.  If your firewall goes right down to the frame, a slot in the floor might be better.  We can substitute a straight pedal in this case. Sorry, I don’t seem to have an installed picture.


Dear Welder Series… Hanging Brake/ Clutch Pedal?

Dear Welder Series…
Can you list the “Welder Series” parts I would require to install a brake and clutch pedal assembly in a 34 Ford truck cab. I would like a hanging pedal for both brake and clutch. I saw how one or customers converted a brake master bracket to hang. This is what I think I need. Do you have these as a kit yet or can you provide a drawing for the set up?
Many thanks.

Dear Brock…
Brock, we don’t have a kit number for this set-up, or a drawing but here are the products:
1x (below)

2x (below)

2x (below)

2x (below)

2x (below)

4x (below)

You might need 2 plungers, depending on the master cylinders used.

2x (below) 

Bolts, nuts, and washers will be needed to attach the pedals to the bracket. We have these in stock and can supply them once we know what you will be using. We can take a picture that will explain how this would go together. It would be a good idea to connect the bracket to the dash for extra support.

Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts for your project.

Dear Welder Series… Brake Pedal Dimension Questions

Dear Welder Series…
Hi recieved your catalog building a 1935 Chev pickup streetrod just getting an order together need some measurements before hand. Kit #WS24806 booster bracket and pedal kit what is distance off frame to center of booster? On your offset pedal how much offset center pin to center of pedal mount? Also kit #2220 four link kit axle center to center of front bushing mount? thanks so much Tony

Dear Tony…
Here are some links to expand on my answers, Tony…
The booster center is 4-1/4″ off of the boxing plate. The pedal pad mounting hole is 2-1/4″ towards the center of the frame from the booster center. (I hope that’s the answer to your question.)
The pedal arm comes through the floor 1″ towards the center of the frame from the booster center and the arm is 3/8″ thick. The floor slot should have clearance around the 1″ – 1-3/8″ pedal.
On our rear 4-link kit 2220 (and 222501), the center of the front bushing will be about 27-5/8″ to 28″ ahead of axle center.

Click here for installation instructions.

Thanks for these questions.