Dear Welder Series… Brake/ Clutch question

Dear Welder Series…
Hope you had a great Christmas and have a happy New Year!

I had a question as to whether or not you have, or can come up with, a combination brake and clutch kit utilizing a GM style brake master cylinder and a Wilwood single reservoir clutch master cylinder to be installed in a T Bucket with straight frame rails.

If you do not have something already, what would be involved ($$$) in coming up with such an item, if you think you would want to  mess this such a thing?

My thinking is, by utilizing a hydraulic clutch the problem with clutch linkage is done away with, and the pedal configuration can be worked out within the confines of a T Bucket interior, I think.

Thanks in advance for you time and consideration.

Any suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated as I am determined to have a four speed T Bucket!


Dear Joe…
Thanks for asking, Joe. Check the video almost at the bottom of

This bracket will take a GM master cylinder. Holes could be drilled for the Wilwood clutch master. The pedals can be traded out for the 21890 straight up brake pedal arms. It would cost a little over $200. (I’ll check this out tomorrow for you.)

Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.


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