Holiday Hours – 2011

Holidays are spent with family. Welder Series is a family business. Therefore, every day is a holiday.

…something like that.

I just received our holiday schedule from Head Office and was asked to pass it along. As on other holidays, if we’re here and not covered in automotive fluid, we’ll answer the phone. Emails will be read and answered as well.

Wed Dec 21, closed at noon (Horton family thing). No UPS p-u.
Fri Dec 23, closed at noon. No UPS p-u.
Mon & Tue, Dec 26 & 27, closed.
Fri, Dec 30 closed at noon. No UPS p-u.
Mon Jan 02 closed.
All other days are regular work days with UPS p-u.

Enjoy your Christmas and New Year!
Thanks for your support.

Paul, Dorothy, and DW Horton (me).

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