Dear Welder Series… Brake/Clutch for ’36 Ford?

Dear Welder Series…
I was wondering if you have considered coming up with a dual m/c and hydraulic clutch cylinder bracket for under the floor mounting.
Thanks, Todd

Dear Todd…
Todd, we can sub manual pedals for the power booster pedals and add another plunger and rod end. We don’t sell master cylinders.

This is described in our catalog on page 20. (It’s not in our web store.)

Is this what you are thinking of?

Thanks for the suggestion.
Paul Horton

Dear Welder Series…
I think that will work! It will be going in a 36 Ford frame. I assume these are designed to be fairly universal and I will have to adapt it to for my frame? Thanks, Todd

Dear Todd…
Todd, if your 36 Ford has the stock x-member, this will be hard to install. The pedals will want the same space as the front part of the ‘x’. If the pedals are moved ahead, the bracket will want the same space as the ‘x’.

If the ‘x’ has been removed or modified, this can work.

If you send some pics, I’ll think about ways to do it.


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  1. Wayne Cole says:

    Hello Paul / D.W.
    I have your brake pedal, and MC frame bracket ( no power ) for my Model A project, and have it attached to the early corvette MC. Could you give me some idea as to how the pedal is mounted so as the plunger rod on the lower end of the pedal stay’s stationary against the MC plunger. ( ie: do I mount a spring to the bottom ( below the pivot point ) of the pedal itself with the spring force pulling rearward, holding the plunger rod in place / ,…or mount a spring just above the pivot point of the pedal with the spring force pulling forward, / or perhaps manufacture, and mount an adjustable ” Pedal Stop ” onto your MC frame bracket. ? ? ) I just need an idea as to what is the most common and safest way to accomplish this. Before I set the body back on the frame ( for the final time ),..I will shoot and forward you some photo’s of all of the Welder series components that I have used on my build thus far ( many of them ). Thanks again Paul.


    Wayne Cole

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