Dear Welder Series… Parallel to Triangulated Four Link?

Dear Welder Series…
Hi Paul and Dorothy. Can I convert from a cross over panhard set up frame to axle housing running parallel. I want to remove it as it is too tight and banging to a triangulated set up. This is on a regular 4 link set up. Do you have a kit that would use a triangulated bar on the 4 link?

Hope you are staying well. Happy new year

Dear Gord…
Gord, here are some parts that would make the conversion from a parallel 4-link with a Panhard to a triangulated set-up:
Use the lower bars and brackets as-is.
Upper brackets (driver & pass sides): 

Axle bracket kit:

Bars (2 pcs):

Adjusters (2 pcs):

Urethane bushings (4 pcs):

Hardware: We can supply all of this that’s required.

The adjusters and bars are available with the urethane bushing tube welded on or you can weld it yourself.  If you will do the welding, the tubes have to be added to the list above (4 pcs): 

What are you working on?  (I might change some of the parts once I know the vehicle.)

Happy New Year to you, too!


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