Dear Welder Series… Hanging Brake/ Clutch Pedal?

Dear Welder Series…
Can you list the “Welder Series” parts I would require to install a brake and clutch pedal assembly in a 34 Ford truck cab. I would like a hanging pedal for both brake and clutch. I saw how one or customers converted a brake master bracket to hang. This is what I think I need. Do you have these as a kit yet or can you provide a drawing for the set up?
Many thanks.

Dear Brock…
Brock, we don’t have a kit number for this set-up, or a drawing but here are the products:
1x (below)

2x (below)

2x (below)

2x (below)

2x (below)

4x (below)

You might need 2 plungers, depending on the master cylinders used.

2x (below) 

Bolts, nuts, and washers will be needed to attach the pedals to the bracket. We have these in stock and can supply them once we know what you will be using. We can take a picture that will explain how this would go together. It would be a good idea to connect the bracket to the dash for extra support.

Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts for your project.


    • DW says:

      Hi John
      You could probably use the parts listed in this post… have a look at the booster bracket to see if you think it would work in your setup.

      DW Horton

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