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Dear Welder Series… two Model ‘A’ pedal questions

Dear Welder Series…
I am building a Model A style frame and I am going to use manual brakes on it. Which master cylinder bracket kit and pedal should I use?


Dear Ryan…
If you are using an automatic transmission, the WS13704 kit was designed for the Model ‘A’.  

It is available ready-to-weld or welded.

Is this the frame that you got the frame curves for?

Thanks for looking at Welder Series, Ryan.

Paul Horton


Dear Welder Series…
Great products, great videos and product info on YouTube.

Can you recommend which master mounting bracket and pedal to use for a
model A, and is there one available that has both the brake and clutch

Thanks Alan

Dear Alan…
Thanks for looking at our parts, Alan. Check out 20281. Any clutch and brake is very crowded in a Model ‘A’. We can swap the offset brake pedal for one with no offset. Then you can bend both pedals symmetrically to go around the steering column.


I hope we can help you with your project.

Paul Horton