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Brake Pedal/ Master Cylinder Bracket Kit

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Brand: Welder Series

Under the floor, compact master cylinder bracket mounts the brake pedal in double shear. Also available with a clutch pedal add-on.

The master cylinder mount is laser cut from 3/16" steel and formed with holes to mount either Ford or GM master cylinders. The 3/8" pedal mounts in double shear for strength and to make pedal removal easier – the pedal doesn’t have to slide off a pin. This, in turn, means a smaller hole in the floor. The standard pedal is offset, but boomerang-shaped arms with no offset and straight pedal arms can be substituted. The adjustable pedal mount parts are included. This kit was designed for 1932 Fords, but can be (and has been) used in many other frames. The center of the master cylinder is 4-1/4″ off of the frame rail so a master cylinder with either left hand or right hand ports can be used.

If you’re looking for a compact brake/ clutch pedal kit, it’s easy to add a second pedal to this bracket. If you choose this option, both pedals are supplied unbent. Clutch linkage must be fabricated. Brake and clutch pedal pad brackets are included with this option.

NOTE: Bracket is now supplied with a slot for the clutch linkage rod and an extra pedal slot to make adding a clutch pedal easier.

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