Dear Welder Series… Dodge booster bracket?

Dear Welder Series…

I’ve been watching your video series…some great products you have and I’ll be getting some as I progress on a couple of projects here soon

I have a special request. I need a brake master cylinder mount for my 62 Dodge D300 Truck. It has a 4 bolt Master Cylinder that is impossible to find and not very good when you do find one.

What I need is simply a flat piece of stock, 4 1/2 X 4 1/2 with the hole for the MC bore in the center, mounting bolt holes either side of course. I’ll have to measure and drill the 4 mounting holes to bolt your flat stock to my Dodge then bolt up the 2 bolt MC to the plate.

I’m in Calgary and nobody will do it as soon as they find out it’s for brakes…liability they say…you know what I say to that.

Is this something you would be able to supply?

Thanks alot for taking the time to consider this request. I know the 4 bolt to 2 bolt adapters are available in the excited states but they are all for car apps and I do not know if the car and truck MC’s are the same, besides, I prefer to deal with Canadian companies if I can.


Dear Pat…
Pat, thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.  To adapt the 2 bolt master, how about getting this booster bracket plate and drilling your 4 mounting holes in it?


The center hole and the two master cylinder mounting holes are already in the plate.  They are slotted on 3-3/16 to 3-7/16″ centers.  You would also have to cut off the part of the plate that extends forward.

The plate is $23.00 and $15.00 would get it delivered to your door.  HST would be extra.

I hope this will solve the problem.

Paul Horton

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