Dear Welder Series… Mustang II on a Toyota Pickup

Dear Welder Series…
Hello, I’m planning to build a full 2×3 frame for a pickup and looking at your MII cross members I think they would work for my application but I have a few questions…. I plan to make my front clip 26″ wide so the 56 track width cross member would be the correct choice? and for the upper control arm mounts in your instructions it read the constant for the upper mounts is 26″ so in my case that would mean the control arm mount would be right at the frames edge..would this work? I plan to use bellow style airbags instead of coils springs Thanks for any help and advice Stanley.

Dear Stanley…
You might find that 28 or 29″ (even 30″) frame o.d. will give you more exhaust and steering linkage clearance, Stanley. This would also let the upper tower weld outside and on top of the frame rail.

The bag clearance, on a 30″ o.d. frame, will depend on the frame height and on the spindles used (stock or dropped).

Thanks for looking at Welder Series’ parts.

Paul Horton

Dear Welder Series…
Thanks for the quick reply, the body of the truck I’m building is a Toyota mini truck and anything larger then 27″ o.d. just wouldn’t be feasible….I like the idea of the MII for the rack & pinion steering and the larger brakes available but its looks that it wont work in my situation, Stanley.

Dear Stanley…
There are a couple of ways to keep your main rails at 26″ o.d. and use our MII kit, Stanley.

The upper tower can mount on the outside of the rail and bring the boxing plate from the tower top plate to the upper inside corner of the rail for support. Some additional gussets would add more strength to the tower. The crossmember is 30″ wide. It would weld outside and under the rail. It should probably be gusseted, too, depending on how high the frame is.

Another solution would be to add a short section of 2×3 to the outside of both rails in the area of the crossmember/upper towers. This would keep the main rails at 26: but make it easy to install the crossmember in the 30″ wide area. The frame rail & extra pieces could be cut at 45 degrees and closed off to make the rails blend nicely. The outer or inner pieces from our frame curves could be used to make it even smoother.


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