Dear Welder Series… urethane bushing installation question

Dear Welder Series…
     I could use some help with the proper installation of the Urethane Bushing set. I know the purpose of the bushing,  but guess I really do not understand how the bushing is suppose to function. I assume there is a pivot point, if so, where? Does the Urethane Bushing pivot in the outer tube and/or the inner sleeve or does the inner sleeve pivot on the through bolt. Are any of the above assumptions correct?
   When installing bushing sets in my triangular bars I started second guessing what I was trying to accomplish. I could use washers on the through bolt that slid over the inner tube and crushed the bushing or I could use washers with a small enough ID that would bottom  against the inner sleeve not crushing the bushing. I think in some instances washers are not used, as would be the case with your Four Link Kit #218500, but would probably be used with the Panhard Axle Bracket #2184. Can you explain to me the proper way/ways to install the bushing set?


Dear Bill…
Bill, when the bolt and nut are tightened, the urethane bushing inner sleeve is under compression and should not turn.  Our parallel and triangulated rear 4-link kits mount the urethane bushing in double shear.  Plates on each side of the bushing means 2 plates.  Hence, “double shear”.  Washers are not required on the shoulder of the bushing.

The 2184 rear Panhard axle bracket mounts the bushing in a supported single shear.  The tube gives the bolt support instead of having a plate on both sides of the bushing.  The washers on each side of the urethane bushing assembly in the 2184 kit axle bracket are to prevent the bushing from slipping over either the 7/8″ diameter tube in the bracket or the head of the bolt or nut, depending on how the fastener is oriented.

Thanks for asking.

Paul Horton

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