Dear Welder Series… pieced-together four link kit?

Dear Welder Series…
I love your website. I have a 1978 trans am I am building a 4 link for. It weighs aprox 3800 lbs and around 500 hp. I’m not looking to drag race or auto cross the car, but I do have air ride shock waves. I was looking at your big bushing triangulated but all I need are the axle mounts, bars, bushings, and some upper shock mounts. I wouldn’t need the axle tabs or either frame mounts. The upper bars are around 9.25 inches eye to eye and the lower are 24.5 inches eye to eye.
Please let me know what my best option would be.

thank you Brad
Dear Brad…
Brad, the custom length bars, lower axle brackets, and urethane bushings would cost Cdn $418.00 as individual pieces. For that same amount you can get the whole kit with 4 custom bars substituted for the standard ones. The complete kit, #318500, is shown here:
 We have a special bolt and spacer kit for the lower ShockWave mount, #23210, for Cdn $16.26.

For upper ShockWave mounts we have a crossmember kit, #WS154460, shown here:

Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.

Paul Horton

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