’32 Update: Steering Box Install (article 7, archived)

Steering Box Mounting And Some Other Things

This is a polished aluminum steering box by Mullins. It has all new innards and looks amazing. Basically, we just installed the Pitman arm, moved the box forward and backward until the drag link was parallel with the tie rod, then moved it up until the top of the upper tab was about flush with the top of the rail. We marked the hole, and then carefully lowered the box out of the way. I was holding it in position with one hand over my head in an awkward manner for about 5 minutes while Cam was moving it around. Try doing that with a cast box!
Parts shown:
Steering box bracket: WS2072, Welder Series (after welding)

Before you set up the box, make sure to get the car sitting where it’s going to be driving down the road. If you set the steering up when the frame’s not sitting as low as it should be, the geometry won’t be as good as it could be. Notice the driver’s side motor mount is missing a gusset – we’re waiting until we know exactly where the steering box is going to be before we install the gusset, in case any trimming will be required for steering shaft clearance.

Gary Thomson said he’d fit our doors if we let him _______ . It’s a surprise… Here he is laying out with masking tape where he wants to grind back to.

This is a line from the middle of my dad’s nose down to the hole in the floor where the column will go through. We will mark this on the masking tape we have on the cowl, firewall, and windshield frame. The driver’s side rad support rod ended up on this line too.

Drop a plumb line to get the bottom mark.


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