Also make sure your frame is at ride height when you're installing the sway bar...

Sway Bar Install on NSRA ’33 Giveaway

While I was at Tucci Hot Rods last week (April 2011), I installed a Welder Series universal sway bar on the giveaway car they’re building for the NSRA this year. It was a good exercise- installing something you sell 😉

Dave wanted the sway bar arms mounted facing forward, between the coilovers. Instead of using two #227005 mounts, we used six #70004 tabs on two different centerlines to mount the outer tube. Here are some install pictures…

Thanks for letting me borrow your camera, Dave!


  1. joe muzydla says:

    i am very interested in contacting Tucci,or who is doing the 2.2 ecotec engine install in a street rod. I am building a 1928 Ford roadster pick-up, I need a lot of advice as to my choice of running gear. So far I have gathered 2 rear axles, both Chevy s-10. One is a drum brake, 3:73, ratio, and the other is a disc brake, 3:42 ratio. At the front, I would like mustang – II, or a Heidt, IFS suspension. I am at a loss as to what bell housing and trans. you used to fit to the ecotec eng. If possible I would like to end up with an auto trans, so my wife can drive also. Actually I need talked into a build, I am willing to pay for your input. Thanks for any help! My phone no. is (removed for privacy).

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