Dear Welder Series… Mustang II rack width for Nash

Dear Welder Series…
Hey guys, I have a couple question about your crossmember. Do you know if you’ve had any customers narrow one, and if so by how much? I read the blog post about the 49″ track width, and I need to get a little narrower than that. I’m looking for suspension options for a Nash Metropolitan, so I’m down in the 45/46 inch track range. I’m looking at the coil over crossmember, so I can run coil over’s with a low enough spring rate. Do you know the dimension from the control arm mounting points to the wheel mounting surface? Also, do you guys know of any extremely short control arms that might work? Thanks so much for any help.
Eddie Morris

Dear Eddie…
Eddie, a limiting factor is the rack width. Maval says that a Mustang II rack can be built 9″ narrower. This would get the track width down to about 47″. Short arms could get this down to your range. Here’s a blog post about this. Heidts and Jim Weimer make short arms.

The dimension from the lower arm pivot point to the wheel mounting surface depends on the brake kit and rotors used. The Camaro rotors bring the surface towards the frame and the Granada rotors move the surface away from the frame.


Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.

Paul Horton

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