For future reference, yes, the engine is supposed to be tilted... the oil pan is what's levelled.

Working With Tucci on the NSRA Giveaway

Recently, I made the quick jaunt down to Marcy NY to lend a hand on the 2011 NSRA giveaway car being built at Tucci Hot Rods and given away in Louisville in August. Dave and I have worked together a few times in the past, mainly on Sinuous, a 1935 Ford that debuted at Cobo Hall a few years ago. You’ve probably seen it in at least a few magazines. Being an 8 year project, Dave invested a good chunk of his life into this beautiful car. I posted some build pictures on the HAMB: check them out.

Tucci-built Sinuous
Tucci-built Sinuous

Anyways, back to last week… We sent some parts down for the car that Dave had installed before I got there, like the triangulated rear four link kit, but while I was there we installed the engine/transmission, center section, rear sway bar, front Panhard, and I finished up some welding on the frame. Here are some pictures of the fun!

It’s always a pleasure to work with Dave and the rest of the Tucci team – he has the skill and equipment to turn out some of the nicest cars across the country.

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