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Syracuse 2017

The shop will be closed from Thursday till Monday while we’re at the Syracuse Nationals. We don’t have a booth again this year, but I’ll be around the Tucci Hot Rods booth if you’d like to talk with me.

If you’re on Instagram and Facebook and going to Syracuse, you’ll want to make sure you’re following us (just search for welderseries) because I’ll be posting throughout the weekend, and playing a little interactive game with prizes!

Thanks for your support. We’re looking forward to enjoying the weekend. Say hi if you see me!

DW Horton


I’m getting ready to leave for the Syracuse Nationals Wednesday morning, and Paul & Dorothy are heading down on Thursday. That being said, if you call the shop and someone answers, please keep them on the line while simultaneously calling the RCMP, eh.

I’ll have our new shop rags, catalogs, and coloring pages in the ’32 which will be parked beside the Tucci Hot Rods tent, right in front of the main vendor building. There is a coupon in your event program which will get you a free rag!

See you at the show?!

Update: We had a great weekend! All the rags were given away, starting first thing Friday morning. You can check out the Welder Series Facebook page for pictures.

Summer Show Schedule

For the past umpteen years, we’ve been attending two shows with our display: the Syracuse Nationals (in Syracuse), and the NSRA Street Rod Nationals Plus in Louisville. This year, we’ll also attend those two shows. If you stop by our usual booth location though, you will notice something different. No, Paul didn’t dye his hair. Guess again. Nope- we didn’t get one of those tractor trailers with the “not for hire” sticker on the window. The only thing that’s changed is whose display is in that spot- it’s not ours! After a lot of discussion, we’ve decided to relinquish our vendor spots and attend the shows in the ’32 as participants.

Maintaining the display will take away a lot of production and shipping time (we are, after all, in the hot rod chassis parts business), and Paul and Dorothy are getting to the point that they no longer want to stand in the same place for a few days. Since his name is on the door, if he wants to walk, let the man walk. I benefit as well, since my wife and children will probably come to Louisville with me to hang out and participate. We’ll get to roam and check out cars together!

All three of us enjoy talking with everyone who stops in to the booth, so that’s definitely a down side. Even though we won’t have a display, we’ll still enjoy talking with people around the fairgrounds. I’ll be updating our Facebook page from the show as well.

I realize I didn’t need to explain all that, but I wanted to convey the point that business is going well and this is a decision which we didn’t make lightly. For a family business, deciding how you spend your time is key. We want to keep our business sharply focused on getting high quality parts out the door quickly, and this is one way we feel we’re deliberately maintaining that focus.

I’m interested to hear your feedback.

Where will we be this summer?

I thought I’d post a little reminder of where we’ll be this summer with the Welder Series booth.

July 8-11: Atlantic Nationals, Moncton, NB, Canada
July 16-18: Syracuse Nationals, Syracuse NY.
August 5-8: NSRA Street Rod Nationals (plus 😉 ), Louisville KY.

While you’re in Louisville, come on out to the Hot Rod Industry BMX Challenge on Saturday night at the Derby City BMX track, put on by Tim “Big Guy On Tiny Bike” Strange of Strange Motion Rod & Custom Construction.  Check out some pictures of last years event: http://www.myrideisme.com/Blog/hot-rod-industrys-1st-annual-bmx-challenge/

Hope you can make it!

As usual, we won’t be bringing product to sell at the show.  What could we possibly do to make that up to you?  We’ll get it to your front door for no charge.  Place the order at the show and we won’t charge you the freight!  Sounds good to me – I’d rather not carry steel parts around at a show.

Looking forward to seeing some of you again, and meeting others for the first time.