Welder Series Tech Seminar @ Syracuse

If you’re going to the Syracuse Nationals this year (I think you should), stop in and see us! On Saturday, Paul Horton and I will be presenting a tech seminar.

Since we’ve done a few tech sessions at Syracuse over the years on chassis brackets, we thought it would be nice to switch gears a bit this year and do something a bit more “generic”.

The title of the seminar is “Hey… That’s Neat! Cool Things on Hot Rods” and it will basically be a narrated slideshow of pictures of neat things that we’ve seen on cars. It should be a fun time, and hopefully everyone will see at least one thing that they hadn’t thought of, or that they’ll be able to apply to their current build. Think of it as a giant brainstorming session.

If you have any pictures of neat things on a hot rod that you think should be shared, email it to pictures@welderseries.com. Depending on how many pictures we receive, we may have to trim some out. Don’t be discouraged- we’ll post them in a special article on our site, too.

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