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1951 Chevy Pickup Mustang II Install Pics

Mark just sent us a few pictures of his Welder Series MII installed in his ’51 Chevy truck. Nice job Mark!

He used our coil over kit, which is a little bit less expensive than the coil spring crossmember kit. The coil overs will cost more up front, but will be easier to fine-tune the ride due to the availability of shock damping and a wider range of spring rates.

Mark has been added to our monthly draw to receive a $50 credit on his account here. We draw a random name from those who send in pictures of our parts being used on their car. Please send pictures to pictures@welderseries.com.


Dear Welder Series… 1951 Chev truck rear suspension?

Dear Welder Series…
I have a 1951 Chevrolet truck 1/2 ton putting a 2002 Chevy S10 4×4 Blazer 8.5 ring gear rear w/disc brakes in. I want to use the 4 link system, which one of yours will work easiest and best?

Thank you!

Dear Don…
Don, the decision regarding a parallel or a triangulated rear 4-link is somewhat philosophical. Here is my explanation:

Both kits do a good job of locating the rear end, holding it in place, and letting the suspension work.

The triangulated kit costs less than the parallel kit because a Panhard bar is not required.


The parallel kit does require a Panhard kit (about $100.00). The parallel kit is easier to adjust for squaring the rear axle to the frame center line, and centering the frame left-to-right.

The Panhard bar does move the frame left-to-right as the frame goes up and down, but if a straight Panhard bar is installed level, this amount is insignificant (about 1/8″ with a 19″ bar) for normal suspension travel.

I hope this helps you decide. Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.