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Universal Panhard Kit, Rear

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Product Details
Brand: Welder Series
Model: Welder Series
MPN: WS2184
Country/Region of Manufacture: Canada
Thickness: 3/16" axle bracket, 10 ga frame tabs
Bolt Size: 1/2"
Thread: 5/8-18
Length: ~29" C-C
Tubing Size: 7/8" x .156"

Now supplied with our new formed axle bracket.

An easy-to-install rear panhard kit designed for a wide variety of applications. Available completely welded or ready-to-weld.

This kit can be used with most rear ends because it has a bracket that welds to the passenger side axle tube. Designed for 3" tubes but can be trimmed to fit other diameters. The bracket sides can be easily folded along laser-cut slits. In the welded version, the axle bracket, bar, and adjuster are supplied welded.

The bar is 27-7/8" from the centre of the bushing to the end of the threads. Mounted length is 29-3/4" +/- 1/4". It should be mounted as close to horizontal at ride height as possible. If this places the frame end of the bar underneath the rail, we have plates that you can use to mount the bar. See related parts below.

The longer bar means less side-to-side movement under suspension travel. The bar is notched at 5 degrees and attaches to the axle bracket so that it will clear the pinion.

Parts Included (ready to weld kit):
Panhard bracket plate, formed, 21843, 1
Bar, 7/8” × 27-7/8", tapped & notched at 5 degrees, 1152780, 1
Tube for urethane bushings, 10092, 2
Adjuster stud, notched, 100810, 1
Urethane bushing half, 1203, 4
Tube for urethane bushing, 18908, 2
Frame tab, 18200, 2
Bolt, ½-20 x 2-1/4″, HC-178, 2
Nut, ½-20 thin nylok, 178-039, 2
Nut, 5/8-18 jam, NJ-63, 1
Panhard Kit instruction sheet, 2184IN, 1

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