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Photo Sharing: Mustang II in Vega wagon

Dear Welder Series…
I’ve finally put a representation of pictures together of my project and your product. It has definitely made this easier. This Vega wagon is ultimately getting a wide-body treatment as I chose the 58″ track M-II front to work with the C4 Vette rear at 59″ and wheelbase increased +4in. It will be a driver, not a show piece, for corner carving fun. My plan was/is to rough in the perimeter frame, weld body to it in various places and get it in rolling chassis. I’m almost there. The frame curves I’ve purchased from you has made this a lot easier and less expensive than mandrel bent. I’ve enclosed pics from rear frame section to the front crossmember. Everything will be blasted afterward and I can finish welding making it uni-frame per say and find the other body work needed. My small garage is only heated as needed during winter time so I thought I would keep as much metal covered as possible till ready to do body work. Pardon the hen scratching and tape. I did a lot of figuring and notes on the body as I did this. This Vega is only my 2nd complete car project. Been a fun learning curve for me using your pieces. My first project car is the 383ci V8-Corvair you see in background of one of the photos. I have a lot of photos documenting my progress but also as reference. They are not in any kind of order. Hope these pics show your product(s) in the best possible way, as they are a great product to work with. Thank you

Mike W
Orrington, ME