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Tech Sharing – Intro

Welder Series’ parts are being used in lots of different ways. If you have digital pictures of how you used our parts, please email them to us. We will put a credit on your account (against future purchases – the credit has no redeemable cash value) of $5.00 for each picture that we use on our website and/or in our catalog. (Note that we might not use all pictures sent.) Please send pictures in .jpg format. Sending the picture gives us the right to use it.

In your cover email, tell us if we can use your name in the Tech Sharing text around your picture(s). We won’t give out your email address or any other personal info.

Tech Sharing is meant to inspire your imagination. Exact measurements will seldom be given because we build hot rods, not production line cars. Tech Sharing is not to be taken as an endorsement of the application. You should decide that for yourself.

We hope you enjoy seeing what others have done and that you will take advantage of this offer.

Paul Horton

’32 Update: Powdered Parts (article 35)

This is another article from the ’32 build archive.

Odds and Ends / Powderific
Since the last “miscellaneous stuff” email, there hasn’t been a whole lot going on with the ’32, let alone much more miscellany. In highway terms, it’s “driving on the shoulder”. There are some items on the excuse sheet we’ve hung in the window, however.

First, the space we use to work on the car has been seized by hundreds of odds and ends, all with pallets as magic carpets. The people who were renting the building where we were storing this “stuff” moved, so we had to take it all out. It’s invaded our car building space; thus a chunk of the delay can be blamed away. Second, the powder coaters had some electrical issues while they were trying to set up their oven. The story is a bit longer than that, but all that’s important to me is I can’t be help responsible 🙂

In any case, we did get our powder coated parts and they look really great. We are doing most of the removable frame parts (bars, batwings, adjusters, brake pedal, etc.) in flat black. I have a thing for flat black. I would take a punch for flat black. So, with these parts in hand, I’m able to start reassembling the frame! Now if it wasn’t for all these odds and ends… I think I’m going to have an egarage sale. If you like, sign up for our newsletter and you’ll be able to see what edds and onds we’ve got and how cheap you can get them.


Now the next step is to make the frame black too so we can start putting the pieces together. I can’t believe the clarity of the parts even after the powder coating. The welds aren’t muddy looking, and the finish is very consistent. I hope it’s as durable as it is good looking. I’ll keep you posted on the frame painting process.



Brake Pedal Return Spring

“Canuck” over on the HAMB sent me this information on a possible candidate for a brake pedal return spring.  Here are the original dimensions of the spring (the one in the picture has been trimmed): OD = 1.655″, ID = 1.375″, Length = 3.575″, Wire Dia = .135″, 6 coils, Min length when coils bind = 2.768″, Compression = ~~ 22 lb.s/inch compression. Straight spring, no taper.  This came off an ’89 Cadillac Fleetwood.

Thanks for keeping me in mind!

If you didn’t see my pedal return setup, here’s a picture:

Here’s a setup that Lowdown Hotrods made… it looks like they’ve used a tube threaded on to the booster plunger with a jam nut sandwiching an aluminum disc which holds the spring. You can always expect clean work from these guys! Check out their site for a whole bunch of project pictures.