Dear Welder Series… Mustang II for ’52 Dodge- pics!

Dear Dave…
Just a quick email to make sure your parts arrived in good condition, and most of all to make sure you’re happy with them. I hope you’ll get a chance to go through the catalog that was with your order and let us know if there’s anything else we can help with. Remember… we also do custom work.
Thanks very much for your business.
DW Horton
Welder Series Inc.

Dear Welder Series…
I’m very satisfied with the entire process. As a matter of fact, I’ve got the cross member and spring pockets tack welded in place…..Looking to purchase more stuff to do my brake/clutch and rear-end installation.

Thanks Dave, I’m glad you’re happy with everything.  I would like to see  some pictures of your frame!
Talk to you soon

here’s a photo of my frame.  Just an old ’52 Dodge, that I saved from the crusher. I’m concerned about the spring tower angle (from horizontal) It’s about 15 degrees. Is that correct?
Thanks, Dave

Dave, this is a very good picture of the installation.  The upper towers look fine.  The angle is correct.

Thanks for the picture and the positive feedback.

Paul Horton

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