’32 Update: Signed! (article 48)

Rollie Guertin has been striping in Southwestern Ontario for a while.  Actually, I learned some history while I was watching him- Rollie remembers seeing me being pushed around in a baby stroller.  I’m pretty sure I haven’t been in one of those for a couple decades, so that means Rollie must be at least 23 years old.  We asked Rollie to come by and paint the Welder Series logo on the doors of the ’32 we’re building.  Follow along and see the magic of the stripe!

Rollie starts by blowing up the logo to actual size, then he transfers it to some parchment paper.  Actually, I think it’s something like tissue paper.  Or maybe it’s called transfer paper.

He tapes the transfer paper (if that’s really what it’s called) to the door, then uses a top secret type of another kind of paper and a top secret transfer tool to transfer the lines to the work surface.

I know, it looks like he used a scriber to etch the lines into the door, but I assure you he did not.  The blue tape is to make sure the top and bottom of each letter is in line with its neighbor.


Phew, he spelled it right!  Rollie painted a tig bead down the middle of the word!

If I painted it, the passenger door would probably say “REDLEW SEIRES”

Rocket Rollie stripes so fast someone should write a song about it!

I love the website font – Rollie said every striper has their own way of doing things, and even his kids can pick their dad’s letters out from other stripers.

Rollie added some lines to make the letters pop, as well as some orange and yellow highlights.

Thanks Rollie!


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