’32 Update: reassembly (article 36)

I know, this is a bit out of place.  I’m going to start copying the build articles from our website (www.welderseries.com) to the blog so they’re all in one place.


Seems like it’s been a while… sometimes reality is right. We’ve been really cooking at Welder Series which has lent less time to the ’32 as we would like. But being busy is a very good problem! Now that the frame is black, it’s time to start bolting stuff back on. I’m really enjoying looking at the flat black/aluminum/powder coat black contrast. I hope to be able to update this more regularly now that things are moving on the car again.

Another big treat is having Cam back to help with final assembly. He’s helping out over at Lowdown Hotrods and comes by when he’s done there for the day.

Cam attaches the fuel lines to the rail. Cam is so good, he can thread a bolt in upside-down.

Here’s the brake pedal return spring/brake light switch activator I made.

I know, a mallet and drift in a final assembly picture isn’t a good sign. No paint was harmed in the setup of this photograph.

While putting the aluminum brake line clamps on the tie rod, I discovered that the end mill I used to create the larger hole had shrunk by the time I drilled the third bracket. Two slipped on nicely, but the third wouldn’t cooperate. Here’s how I enlarged the hole just a tiny bit using a rat tail file.

Using a Sharpie, I drew two lines on the inside of the hole.

I gently persuaded the lines to disappear with the file. Having two lines meant that it was more likely that I could keep the file perpendicular to the hole. Working on a black surface was nice because I could see the files as they came off.

I’d say it worked very well! Three or four rounds were necessary because each time you’re just filing enough to remove the marker line, but you know that you’re keeping the hole round.

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