Horton Hot Rod History, part 2

Captioned by Dorothy Horton:

All our honeymoon pictures are like this!

If there was only a quality street rod shop in Canada… shouldn’t have to grind these welds.

Finally! Our track ’23 T built in Montreal – 1975

Driven to Louisville KY & many runs in S. Ontario from Montreal, 1975/76

Montreal to Louisville… camping, no top, Dorothy pregnant, Paul got pneumonia.

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  1. Fred Swayne says:

    This is great. I remember this car while it was being built, but never saw it finished. A long lost friend of mine, Norman Lawrence, lived not far from you. He and I dropped over to see the car under construction, but I don’t remember how far along it was. I haven’t grown up, I’m still building “T’s” and have 2 on the go right now. I can remember thinking Norman and I were the only ones in Quebec who built hot rods.
    I’ve since moved to Chesterville, Ont. (Just south of Ottawa) and I’m in heaven. Cars and cruises everywhere.

    Fred Swayne

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