’32 Update: headlight wiring/mounting (article 43)

A/C line clamp/headlight wire conduit/transmission cooler lines All-In-One

Well, it’s finally done! I’m quite proud of this little clamp that does so much more than clamp. A picture is worth a thousand words. Some people get paid by the word, right? Here are some pictures…

These hoses are running up the passenger side frame rail, into the body.

I think you’ll be able to tell what’s going on here… this is looking along the passenger frame rail towards the back of the car. The fittings in the bottom right corner of the picture connect braided lines to the transmission. The Alfred Hitchcock looking thing is just a way to keep the reduced diameter air conditioning lines tidy and secure. There are three of these double clamps along the length of the hard lines. The top hard line is a conduit for the headlight wires, which I wrapped in hockey tape to simulate the texture of the a/c hose.

This is the front end of the top hard line. The bottom two lines curve in the bottom of the picture and connect to the radiator.

Here is a view of the passenger side of the radiator. I attached a junction block to both sides of the radiator for easy wire detachment if it’s ever necessary. The large weatherpak plug is for the electric fan, should it ever need to be removed. The other single plug goes over to the driver side turn signal, just because I didn’t have room on the junction block. The wires coming out of the 3/8″ hard line from the previous pictures are wrapped in heat shrink because they are visible outside the rad shell and I wanted them to blend in a bit. The four wires pointing to the right are the headlight wires, and you’ll see what I did with them in the next few pictures.

First I wrapped them in hockey tape.  Not really necessary, but it will keep the group of wires parallel as I’m pulling them through the stainless tube…

…like this. This picture also shows a pinched frame rail. Notice how there is no gap between the rad shell and the frame rail? That’s done by narrowing the front frame rails by 3/4″ per side waaaaay back at the beginning. Here is an article on the fabrication of the headlight conduits. I used the tire to make the big sweeping radius in the tube.

These are from the Parr Automotive headlight conduit kit. I drilled the tapered end out to 3/8″ so the hard line would slip in, then I machined a small step so it would sit into the hole in the back of the headlight.
Slide it over the wires and onto the hard line.
And then attach it to the headlight! I had to remove the ’32 Ford wire bundle (sorry, I can’t even remember what it used to look like!) but the hole that was left was a great size for this little Parr piece.
I used another weatherpak plug so I’ll be able to take the headlight off if necessary.

Here’s the view from the back of the passenger side headlight.

I haven’t centered or aimed them yet, but I think they look pretty good!

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