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Brake Pedal Return Spring

“Canuck” over on the HAMB sent me this information on a possible candidate for a brake pedal return spring.  Here are the original dimensions of the spring (the one in the picture has been trimmed): OD = 1.655″, ID = 1.375″, Length = 3.575″, Wire Dia = .135″, 6 coils, Min length when coils bind = 2.768″, Compression = ~~ 22 lb.s/inch compression. Straight spring, no taper.  This came off an ’89 Cadillac Fleetwood.

Thanks for keeping me in mind!

If you didn’t see my pedal return setup, here’s a picture:

Here’s a setup that Lowdown Hotrods made… it looks like they’ve used a tube threaded on to the booster plunger with a jam nut sandwiching an aluminum disc which holds the spring. You can always expect clean work from these guys! Check out their site for a whole bunch of project pictures.