Horton Hot Rod History, part 4

This edition is going to focus on the two hiboy roadsters built by Paul Horton and Lloyd Stewart in the mid 80’s.

Chris Horton ready for a ride in the rumble seat. Looks like he got a bug in the teeth!

Pinched and bobbed frame rails with turn signals in the end, contour cut leaf spring liner… this is just a clean front end!

Hand formed 2×5 rails flow with the contour of the body, and also notice the front bars end at the hood line – the same way we still do our hiboy front four link kit.

Lloyd, Paul, and Dorothy with the ’29… probably at a show in SW Ontario.

The ’29 and ’32 in front of our old shop “up on the hill” in the same town we’re still in – Breslau, Ontario.

Paul and Lloyd, I think just after finishing the ’29. I say that because there’s still a tire sticker on the front tire, and the license plate isn’t “HORTON” yet.

Dorothy Horton driving in to Missouri with family friend Michelle. I bet the sticker is worn off the tire by now…

An unfortunate end for the ’29, but a fortunate (I use that term loosely) outcome for my brother and I. I think I mentioned this story in another post, but it’s worth repeating. We ALWAYS rode in the rumble seat on short trips as well as some longer ones. It was really fun – we could see the road wizzing by and feel the air through our hair. For this particular drive (a local poker run), my brother and I requested to ride with family friends in their ’48 Ford. It’s not too far of a stretch to wonder what you would be reading now if I had been in that rumble seat that day. You can barely see battery cable dangling out of the trunk in this picture; the battery was found way down the road. What you can’t see is the rumble seat lid (the seat back). Thankfully, Paul didn’t get hurt too badly…his leg got a bad bruise where it hit and bent the B&M shifter handle, and my mom only had a few broken ribs. The accident happened after a distracted driver in a late model T-boned the ‘29 on a highway.

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