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Dear Welder Series… MII in an S10?

Dear Welder Series…
Paul, here’s the question. I’m in the process of putting a big block Chev in an s-10. Now you have to modify the cross member to install. And I was thinking would it be better to just put one of your units in. It will be cleaner I would be able to use Mustang II a-arms. Your set-up is already set-up for coil-over and mustang R&P. What unit would I use? Has any one else done this to an s-10 frame? Your knowledge is greatly needed and appreciated. Thanks in advance,
Art (oldschool racing).

Dear Art…
The easiest way is probably to make new frame rails from the firewall forward. It likely has been done (several times) but not by me. Actually, Hitman Hotrods installed one locally in a heavily modified S10:

Get the wheels and tires you want to use and mock them in the fender to check stance and track width.

Parts  for 1974 – 78 Mustang II are what you look for. The aftermarket has lots of tubular  and other repop stuff. The 1979 – 92 Mustang rack can be used if you want a power rack.

Thanks for asking. This should be a slick project.

Paul Horton