Dear Welder Series… S10 four link?

Dear Welder Series… 
Good morning, I want to install a 4-link kit on my 95 S-10. I was hoping you could recommend a kit. If you could tell me what else I would need like the Panhard bar the bag brackets and whatever else you would recommend I would greatly appreciate this.

Thank you,

Dear John…
John, our WS318500 (ready-to-weld) or 318500 (welded) kits would be ideal for this job.


I’d also suggest the (WS)2184 rear Panhard bar kit if you’re thinking of a parallel four link kit.


The frame brackets and axle brackets will look after the air bags if you are using the F9000 or similar.


Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.

Paul Horton

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