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Dear Welder Series… Panhard bar adjuster question

Dear Welder Series…
Received my order today. Your parts are absolutely fabulous. Just as advertised.
I do have a question though. Take a look at the pictures. The threaded bolt that goes into the threaded end of the pan hard bar on the end that gets welded to a bushing has a slight angle cut in it. Different from the others. I was wondering if it was supposed to be welded on an angle for mounting purposes or just a flaw in the cut off the bolt.

Dear Mike…
Hi Mike, thanks for your comments. The adjuster included in the universal panhard kit goes on the red end bracket and is notched on a 5 degree angle to clear the pinion. You’ll also notice the two frame tabs are different lengths – this is to compensate for the angle of the bar at the frame.
Thanks again!
DW Horton

Customer Pics: 1954 Chevy truck

I came across this build on the 67-72chevytrucks.com forum and asked the builder if I could share the pics here. He used our step notch, rear four link, Panhard, and center section. Here’s the link to the build: http://67-72chevytrucks.com/vboard/showthread.php?t=653414

Nice work! Parts used:


Dear Welder Series… will I need a sway bar with triangulated four link?

Dear Welder Series…
I have a quick question relating to the rear axle/ triangulated four-link:
Will I need a rear sway bar in addition to the triangulated four-link set-up? I see conflicting responses online, and figured you may have the best answer.

Dear A…
Depending on who is doing the defining, a sway bar might refer to an anti-roll bar (shown below):
or a Panhard bar (shown below):

Our sway bar/anti-roll bar is designed to resist the tendency to lean when in a turn. A Panhard bar keeps the frame centered, with some tolerance, between the tires and has a minimal effect on the tendency to lean in a turn.A Panhard bar, or some other location device, is necessary when a parallel rear 4-link is used because the bars themselves don’t offer much resistance to left-right chassis movement. (Left-right movement is different from leaning or rolling left to right.)

The triangulation of the bars resists the left-right movement when a triangulated rear 4-link is used so a Panhard bar is not required.

I hope this is clear.

Thanks for asking.