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Customer Pics: 1954 Chevy truck

I came across this build on the 67-72chevytrucks.com forum and asked the builder if I could share the pics here. He used our step notch, rear four link, Panhard, and center section. Here’s the link to the build: http://67-72chevytrucks.com/vboard/showthread.php?t=653414

Nice work! Parts used:


Dear Welder Series… center section for 67-72 C10?

Dear Welder Series…
Any idea whether the center section will work with a 67-72 C10, and do any of the trans mounts fit a 4L80E?


Dear Russ…
Thanks for this note, Russell.  

Could you give me your frame’s outside and inside widths (driver’s side to passenger’s side) at the transmission insulator?  

…and the frame rail channel height at that point? (The actual frame size, not the height from the ground.)

I’ll see how the center section looks in those dimensions and get back to you.

Paul Horton

Dear Welder Series…
Thanks Paul,

I’ve got the following:

Outside frame rail width:  34-1/8″
Inside frame rail top:  29.5″
Inside frame rail bottom:  29″
Frame rail height:  6″

Dear Russ…
The center section will be snug but fine if the rails are boxed corner-to-corner off of the upper flange. If the plates are “step boxed” it will give extra space for a frame mounted booster.

This is based on how the curved lower tubes transition to the boxing plates.

I hope this info helps with your planning.


Universal center section

New Product: Universal Center Section Kit

This center section was designed with not only the center section in mind. Design points considered:
– Change transmissions without relocating the tubes on the frame.
– Drop the transmission easily.
– Run exhaust above the lowest tube.
– Brake pedal/booster/master cylinder integration.
– Resist frame twisting.

It can be installed in frames up to 42″ between the rails, and is supplied ready-to-weld. This means the tubes are mandrel bent, notched, and ready to trim and assemble. Main tubes are 1-1/2″ x .120 wall, smaller tubes are 1″ x .120 wall.

Kits are available as add-ons to mount T350, T400, and 700r4 transmissions.

Center section only: $295
Center section with T350 mount: $365
Center section with T400 mount: $325
Center section with 700r4 mount: $365

Click to view a PDF of the installation instructions.

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