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Universal center section

New Product: Universal Center Section Kit

This center section was designed with not only the center section in mind. Design points considered:
– Change transmissions without relocating the tubes on the frame.
– Drop the transmission easily.
– Run exhaust above the lowest tube.
– Brake pedal/booster/master cylinder integration.
– Resist frame twisting.

It can be installed in frames up to 42″ between the rails, and is supplied ready-to-weld. This means the tubes are mandrel bent, notched, and ready to trim and assemble. Main tubes are 1-1/2″ x .120 wall, smaller tubes are 1″ x .120 wall.

Kits are available as add-ons to mount T350, T400, and 700r4 transmissions.

Center section only: $295
Center section with T350 mount: $365
Center section with T400 mount: $325
Center section with 700r4 mount: $365

Click to view a PDF of the installation instructions.

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