Biscuit Eater’s Model A Pickup

Jeff (aka “Biscuit Eater” on the HAMB) is working on his first hot rod project – a ’29 Ford pickup.  Recently, he bought some Welder Series parts and sent some pictures of his progress.

Thanks for using our parts, Jeff.

Jeff used our 28″ wide flat front crossmember… see how the extra-long channel creates the C notch for the spring?
You can see our driveshaft loop kit peeking out, as well as our universal rear panhard kit.


To check out the build thread on the HAMB, click here.  Jeff, you’ll have $15 credit on account here at Welder Series ($5/per picture).


  1. Larry Laing says:

    How are you going to finish off your floor inside the cab …with metal or plywood?? Looks like you have a good start! what engine is that your using … dont recognize the block?

  2. Jeff (biscuit eater) says:

    Hey Larry, thanks for the comments. Sorry for the long delay, I didn’t realize this was posted like this till now. The floor will be mostly steel, the engine is a ’56 Buick (referred to as a “Nailhead”)Trying to use oak for most of the wood structure. The frame is a ’34 Ford heavy truck.

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