New Product: step notch kits

This is a new product that has evolved out of a customer’s willingness to ask us if we would consider making a step notch kit. The question was posed, and we responded by doing some research into the step notch market. If you’ve never really heard of a step notch, it’s basically a clearance channel for the rear axle, typically used in a mini truck (S10, Ranger, etc.) frame to let the frame drop down without resting on top of the axle. Kind of like a kick-up or a C notch. The mini truck market seems to be saturated with step notch kits – kind of like a Mustang II kit for a ’40 Ford at first glance. Sure, there are a few variations on the theme, but they’re all step notch kits at heart. This new step notch kit we’re introducing is still a step notch, of course, but it has some advantages that we feel are significant.

The notch depth will vary, depending on how tall the frame rails are, and what sweep the original frame rails have.  The S10 we used for our installation article, for instance, has 4″ of clearance between the top of the axle and the notch when the frame is laying on the ground.  The measurement was taken with 18″ wheels.

  • Available ready-to-weld. This is a huge thing with mini truckers – they love fabricating. Also available completely welded to save a bit of time.
  • Alignment tabs. No guesswork when it comes to squaring it up. Easy to clamp while you’re tacking it together.
  • Sits on outside top corner of frame rail. If you choose to grind the welds, you’ll have a smooth transition from the notch kit to your frame rails.
  • Integral inner boxing plates. The inner plates weld to both the upper and lower flange of a C channel frame rail for strength.
  • Weld it off the frame. The majority of the welding is done on your bench, where you can position the piece for the best weld. When you’re done welding the notch, just set it on the frame rail and weld it in place.

If you have any questions about the kit, please send us an email or call toll-free: 1-888-648-2150.

Please click here for installation photos on an S10 frame.

Click here to go to our web store.

If you’re looking for a standard C notch fill piece, try one of these.


    • DW Horton says:

      Thanks Rodney. Right now, nothing is in the works but it wouldn’t take much to create a wider version.

      Thanks for the suggestion… we’ll keep that in mind for sure.


    • DW Horton says:

      I’m not sure how wide your frame rails are, but this notch is 2-5/8″ wide. We tried to make it to fit as many applications as possible.

      Thanks for your question!

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