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Shop Tour This Saturday

Garage Crawl PDF

Grant Kay has put together another breakfast and garage crawl around our area of Southern Ontario. He was in today with an update of 156 people!

If you’re still interested in the crawl (breakfast is full), check out the attached PDF and get in touch with Grant. We’ll be open this Saturday so people can check out our little operation and pick up some stickers :). I heard that my wife may be doing some baking too…

Dear Welder Series… 351W engine mounts?

Dear Welder Series…
I have a 50 ford truck with a early camaro subframe and a 396 in it. I want to swap a 351 windsor into it. Do you offer motor mounts for this swap?


Dear Lee…
We make a couple of mounts for your 351W, Lee.

There might be some oil pan clearance issues with the Camaro clip. Probably a good idea to trial fit the 351W before burning any bridges.

Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.

Paul Horton

Custom Work: Amp Stand

Welder Series does special parts for many things beyond hot rods. One personal project done for me, Paul Horton, is the tilt stand for the ZT Amplifiers that I use in my “second” career. In small club settings, I use the ZT Acoustic Lunchbox tilted back 30 degrees to project my voice, guitar, and drum synthesizer. A second ZT Lunchbox is used as a monitor for the drum machine. The stand lets it be tilted back at 60 degrees as a monitor. You can check out the Facebook page to see a short video.

Custom work is an almost daily part of Welder Series. If you would like a quote for your own idea, please email

Labo(u)r Day 2015

We’ll be closed Monday September 7th to celebrate, among other things, the 8 hour work day. It seems like a day off to celebrate work should be called something other than a synonym for the thing you’re not doing. “Rest Day” would be ok. Wait, didn’t Sundays used to be for that? Now we only get one day a year??

Here’s some more info about the holiday:

On your day off, maybe you’d like to sit around with your family and watch some Welder Series assembly videos… make sure you’ve got lots of snacks though because the kids will want to invite all their friends.

Thinking about work and labour, I can’t help but come back to how thankful I am for my country and for my wife, the mother of our four children. Very thankful indeed.

DW Horton


Canadian Street Rodding Hall of Fame 2015

Canadian Street Rodding Hall Of Fame To Induct Larry Sawchuk

The Canadian Street Rodding Hall of Fame will honour Mr Larry Sawchuk of Wasaga Beach, Ontario at the 21st Annual Induction Gala being held Saturday, October 24, 2015 at the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 551, 79 Hamilton Street North in Waterdown, Ontario.

Larry Sawchuk is a lifetime street rodder and car guy who has been instrumental in growing the hobby through his active participation and leadership. Come out and hear and see the whole story at the Gala.

In addition, CSRHoF will replay the induction of Jack Greenhalgh of Ancaster, Ontario. Jack was one of the inductees last year but was unable to attend due to health reasons. He will be the first to be honoured for a second time at the 2015 Gala.

The evening consists of a meet and greet at 5:30 PM followed by a buffet meal and ceremonies beginning at 6:30 PM. Later, there is live entertainment for your listening and dancing enjoyment. Come out and be part of the celebration honouring Larry Sawchuk and Jack Greenhalgh, It’s always a great time!

Tickets are available at Horton Hot Rod Parts in Milton, Lek Triks in Burlington, Lowdown Hot Rods in Cambridge and at Paul Horton’s Welder Series in Breslau, Ontario. For credit card payment contact Welder Series toll free at 1-888-648-2150.

Shelby’s Way LS Engine Raffle

Please check out the link to learn more about Shelby’s Way, an organization dedicated to preventing suicide. Mark Cain puts on a car show called the Hot Rod Hullabaloo and at the show they’re going to be giving away an LS engine. You can buy tickets at the link. All proceeds go to the foundation, a really worthwhile cause. Mark has dedicated his life to it after his son Shelby took his own life in December 2009. The organization reaches out to people contemplating suicide and also helps support the family and friends left behind to deal with funeral costs, etc.

Please consider buying a $20 ticket… the money goes right to the people who will benefit from it, and you’ll have a chance to win a great engine!

New Website Design

Over the past few months, I’ve been transitioning (no not like that) web store products over to a new web store system (click here to check it out). This is kind of like getting a new interior – you have the same car, same steering column, same brake pedal, only it’s all covered up in a new way. You might get some handy LED lights in convenient places and maybe even a few more cupholders. The new web store has all the same products (around 300!) but it’s displayed in a new way and the checkout process is easier. A drawback is your account on the old store will no longer work. I’m going to leave the old web store up for probably a year so you can still access your history, but eventually it might come down. It will be accessible under “Old Web Store”.

The other thing I’m working on is changing the look of the main site to a more simple layout. I think you’ll find it easier to navigate.

As always, we’d appreciate your feedback.

Wes Killins 1940-2015

This note was sent by Jim Prowse this morning:
“It is with tears of sadness and dismay , that we advise of the death of our great pal and car buddy , Wes Killins.

Wes died peacefully , approx 5 am, on Jan 31 2015 , with family by his side .

Funeral will be at Westview Funeral Chapel , Wonderland Rd , in London Ontario , see their website for details , as arrangements are not yet finalized. 519 641 1793

Cards and condolences are welcomed , BUT , please refrain from calling the home , Joan and Scott need their privacy.

sent at the request of Joan , Scott , and Wayne Killins”
Wes was a great guy to be around, and will be missed.

Dear Welder Series… Duramax engine mounts?

Dear Welder Series…
Will the LS200 mounts also bolt to a 6.6 duramax block? If you don’t know, what are measurements between the center of the holes? Can you make custom?


Dear Chris…
Chris, I don’t know if the LS200 will fit the 6.6 Duramax, but the hole centers in the mount are very close to 4-7/16” x 3-1/16”. (The hole centers are probably metric.)

Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts for your project.

Paul Horton


October 1st, 2005 is the date Welder Series officially established the majority of the prices in our catalog. We were thinking about it just now, and can’t remember too many products with price increases in those nine years. In fact, a good number of prices have actually been lowered as we worked with a new supplier, or were able to buy better. All that said, it’s time to give them a little bump. Our product line will receive a 6% increase on October 1st, 2014. Orders placed until then will be invoiced at pre-price-increase prices.

Our goal is certainly not to have the cheapest parts on the market. We’re not ignorant of the “$150 four link kits” (soon to be “$120 four link kits”) coming from overseas, and have no interest in competing with them on price, because we can’t. My grandpa said “when you live on price, you’ll die on price”. Where we can compete is in providing consistently high quality parts, exceptional service and support, and reasonable prices. That’s the difference between cheap and inexpensive.

Thanks very much for supporting family business as you build your project.
DW, Paul, and Dorothy Horton