New Website Design

Over the past few months, I’ve been transitioning (no not like that) web store products over to a new web store system (click here to check it out). This is kind of like getting a new interior – you have the same car, same steering column, same brake pedal, only it’s all covered up in a new way. You might get some handy LED lights in convenient places and maybe even a few more cupholders. The new web store has all the same products (almost 700!) but it’s displayed in a new way and the checkout process is easier. A drawback is your account on the old store will no longer work. I’m going to leave the old web store up for probably a year so you can still access your history, but eventually it might come down. It will be accessible under “Old Web Store”.

The other thing I’m working on is changing the look of the main site to a more simple layout. I think you’ll find it easier to navigate.

As always, we’d appreciate your feedback.

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